What is Web Design?

white and green sheetwork on brown surface via José Alejandro Cuffia

In a course with the title “design” included you might think you will be spending a lot of time creating designs – thinking about TYPE, COLOR, and LAYOUT of a variety of visual elements on a page. You will be doing this, but not with digital imaging tools such as Photoshop or even much pen and paper (ok you will do this a bit). You main tool is a text editor and designing with HTML/CSS is additional set of skills on top of design.

You’ll be spending most of your time learning the tools and tricks for implementing designs and less time on actual designing and design theory. With this in mind you will be learning to read and re-create designs. Can you note all the elements of a piece of design and successfully implement them with code. This will be an accomplishment in and of itself. And by the end of the semester hopefully you will do a bit of original designs as well.

For a first assignment, review web designer, developer, teacher Jonas Schmedtmann’s resources page for web design. Pick any resource, and describe what it’s useful for in the context of what you expect to learn this semester. In your first blog post describe what you hope to learn this semester and how the resource you chose could be helpful.

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