WEEK 3- Introduction to Sass and NPM=headache


Problem Set

  • 04-button-set/index.html
  • 04-button-set/package.json / 04-button-set/package-lock.json
  • 04-button-set/sass/main.scss
  • 04-button-set/css/style.css

Blogging Questions

Describe how you are using node.js for this project. What is node.js? What is the node package manager (npm)? What is the particular package you’re using for this project? How did you install it and note that it going to be required for your project moving forward? How did you setup the Sass compiler to run?

Node.js allows you to write Sassy CSS. It allows you to nest selectors within each other to create a Dry code.

The package manager helps but computer to compile the information of scss to create a CSS file sheet for the browser to read.

To run sass you must first install node. J’s to your computer then you must select from the npm init to get package.Json and then npm install node-sass save-dev. If you want the compiler to run automatically you just have to set up -w 

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