03 How CSS Works.

Problem Set:

I chose to use UDEMY, here is how the layout looks for the selected portion I decided to use and the code.

Blogging Questions

There are certain CSS properties applied to a parent element that are “inherited” by the child elements. Name four properties that are inherited and four properties that are not inherited. Describe why you believe each is inherited or not.


  • font-weight;
  • font-size;
  • font-family;
  • line-height;

Not Inherited:

  • border-box;
  • margin;
  • padding;
  • width;

Describe the differences between inline, block, and inline-block. Why would you want to use the inline-block value? Hint you have an example use in your Natours project.

Inline elements shouldn’t start on a new line. The inline elements should be on the same line as the contents aside from them. The width of the other elements is shared. Inline-block elements are comparable to inline elements, but have other components, such as margin and padding. The block elements use the full width that they can have.

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