[WEEK #1] – What is Web Design?

Hey guys! For this assignment, I had to pick any resource from Jonas Schmedtmann’s resources page that would be useful for me in this course. In this course, I want to expand my knowledge on web design. Last semester, I took CT360 – Web Design 1, and I knew most of that stuff because I took a computer science course that taught HTML and CSS. I want to learn the new topics like SASS and others.

Last semester I heard that some web design 2 students where using something called node and found a interesting website that has node on it. This website basically has essential guides for all coders. I still find the typical Unsplash and Pixaby websites very useful. It will be a useful tool for me throughout this semester.

I am pretty sure we will need to use icons for web design 2 so I found a 100% free icon website, called Ionicons. I will also use Dribble for all my design inspirations throughout assignments. One very interesting thing from last semester was that I had a cheat sheet with some very helpful tips. I found a SASS cheat sheet that may help me throughout this course. I hope all these websites will guide me throughout this semester! 🙂

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