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To start off, here’s the link to my Trillo Project. I was going to upload all the separate parts but I decided that I was already too behind to blow the blog up that many times.

Anyway, I’m finally done. This semester has been a wild ride for me. Quarantine has been tough on me so getting work done was kind of tough for me at the beginning. For me it’s hard to separate the being home mentality and the get work done mentality, so getting into a mood to work while at home was extremely difficult. I did however, enjoy this semester. I like the way that this class is taught and wish more professors would teach in this style. I had fun meeting everyone and making new friends (Pre-Quarantine), and I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their summer. Goodbye Everyone!

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  1. It has been less than ideal for so many, but do realize you are able to get things done when you know you have to. Maybe not exactly how you think you should, but you still do and that says a lot.

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