The Project Update

For the remainder of the semester you will be working on an HTML/CSS and Sass for design2, project. Besides getting this amazing thing made, you need to give updates. You’ll be required to give an update once every three class meetings. And each update will track the features and fixes that you’ve completed as well as give context to the project.

Below is an outline of slide(s) that should included in your project update:

  • Cover Slide
    • Site/Template Name – Give it one that is meaningful, you can always change it!
    • Slug Text – A six to ten word description of the site/templates purpose
    • Your Name
  • Longer Description
  • Project Research
    • Design/Interaction examples: links and screenshots
    • Content Sources: links/description of text and media
    • Technical Resources: links/description of solutions to various discovered techniques for HTML, CSS, and/or Sass
  • Site Features
    • Layouts
      • header/navigation
      • main page
      • content page
      • footer
    • Components
      • button/link
      • responsive image
      • card
      • section
      • list style
    • Wireframes: Drawings of the proposed layouts and components including both full page and/or detail of specific parts.
  • Typography and Palette
    • Heading and body text settings
    • Black, whites, grays, primary, secondary colors.
  • Work Completed
    • Versions: with each set of changes list the features added and or fixes completed. This should be connected to your site features list. As you complete a feature or change your features you can include updates.
    • Code Samples: include meaningful pieces of code that can be understood in a presentation format. This can mean showcasing only the relevant pieces of code to speak to the interesting aspects of the part you wish to present.
    • Screenshots: selected visualized portions of your site that connect to site features.
    • DEMO: tour specific portions of your site connected to the site features updated and completed.

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