Template & Presentation

I have definitely figured out that I am a better a developer, on my own, compared to a designer. I didn’t realize how much Mike helps with design until now.
Here is a site that I was inspired by, but knowing my design skills I decided to keep it simple. I am obsessed with a hero image being the forefront of a website, it just immediately intrigues the viewer and makes them want to scroll down to see more.
Here is the link to my presentation to see more of where I wanted to go with my template.
The major components I would like to build are a hero image, buttons and maybe a gallery.
My generic and elements page.
*I may not have uploaded them properly, but I’m sure I did. The CSS files seems to not be linked to the HTML files, but you can check my files by opening them on a separate Code Live Server. I checked multiple times and it works on and off.

Enjoy y’all ! Stay safe!

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