Problem Set + Natours V2

For this problem set, I used the website theguardian:

you can find the directory for natours here
the HTMLCSSimgs

<section id = "around-the-world" class="fc-container">
<div class="fc-container__inner">
    <header class="fc-container__header js-container__header">
        <div class="fc-container__header__title">



<div class="fc-container--rolled--up-hide">
     <div class="fc-slice-wrapper"> <!-- content begins here -->
        <ul class="u-unstyled">
            <li class="fc-slice__item">
                <div class="fc-slice__item"> <!-- liz cambage article begins here -->
                    <div class="fc-item">
                        <div class="fc-item__container"> <!-- liz cambage article-->
                                <div class="fc-item__container">
                                    <div class="fc-item__media-wrapper">
                                        <div class="fc-item__imagge-container">
                                    </div> <!-- end of image beginning of content -->
                                    <div class="fc-item__content">
                                        <a href=""></a>
                                        <!-- code block repetiton for other items-->




Blogging question:

Inherited CSS Properties:
Font-family; Font-Size; Font-Weight; Font-family
Font styling and type are often inherited from the root.

Non-Inherited CSS Properties:
margins; widths; border-boxes; padding
most CSS properties dealing with the spacing of content are not inherited unless specified.

Differences between inline, block, and inline-block…

Inline elements don’t start on a new line, they appear on the same line as the content and tags beside them.

Inline-block elements are similar to inline elements, except they can have padding and margins added on all four sides. 

while block elements use all available space and width.


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