Preparing for Remote Classes

This is our first remote problem set that will be the beginning of what will likely be remote lessons for remainder of the semester. We are going to focus on two things this first week. Setting up SSH and reviewing work that needs to have been completed to date.

There is a big caveat with Web Design 2 students using SSH with their Sass projects. Basically you’re still going to have to run code locally, not from the Reclaim Hosting server. This is due to the fact that node.js is not install on the server, therefore you cannot run your compiler create CSS files from Sass files. Bummer. SSH connections from Reclaim Hosting will help with transferring files, but I’ll look to a better configuration so it will be easier. And remember do not upload

SSH Tutorial

Or look at the blog post tutorial made by Chanesh, Ricardo and Qadeer.

Assignments Audit

For next Tuesday you’re going to review the work you should have completed to date. You can find a summary of tutorials and problem sets that should have been completed on my server:

Also, you going to need to review your blog posts and make sure you’re linking to assignments as well as answering blog post questions.

Write a blog post in which you give an update on your work to date. Describe what you’ve completed and what you still need to complete. Describe how it’s going with your VSCode setup and SSH. Give a link(s) to your directories of tutorials and problem sets completed.

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