Intro to npm and sass

At first, I really thought this was difficult and it is not bad when you keep practicing and I tend to remember more when I keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Describe how you are using node.js for this project. What is node.js? What is the node package manager (npm)? What is the particular package you’re using for this project? How did you install it and note that it going to be required for your project moving forward? How did you set up the Sass compiler to run?

  • Node basically allows us to write or run javascript applications on the server. Node.js is used by developers as a tool to help with local web development.
  • Npm is a command-line interface that allows developers to install and manage multiple packages on their local computers.
  • The process was a lot to digest at first but I am getting the hang of it now.
  • The package that we need for or projects is the package.json.
  • First, we have to direct to the file or folder we need to download the JSON package in. Then in the terminal, you type in npm init. Once that is downloaded you have to type in npm run node-sass –save-dev. The package.json should be downloaded and in there you should write the script you want to run in the command line.(“compile:sass”:”node-sass sass/main.scss style.css-w”) You should make a folder for sass and a sass file in there. The script you wrote in the package.json should be written in the terminal to run it (npm run compile:sass). The -w in the script name just means that your sass will be auto compiling so you don’t have to update the terminal for every line of sass.

Here are the exercises for the week: The 7-1 arhitecture is included in this as well. I forgot to separate the files.






This is the problem set:





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