design2 – introduction to Sass and NPM


  • Section 04 Introduction to Sass and NPM, videos 022 – 029. Video 029 is actually optional. Since we installed live server to Visual Studio Code, you should not install it to the Mac.
  • Notes for Section 04
  • This week your project will not be changing visually at all, but the file/folder structure will quite a bit. By starting to use the Node Package Manager (NPM) and Sass, there will be new file types and folders specific to their implementation. This version marks natours/v4, please upload the following files:
    • natours/v4/css/style.css
    • natours/v4/sass/main.scss
    • natours/v4/img/all-project-image-files
    • natours/v4/index.html
    • natours/v4/package.json
    • do not upload natours/v4/node_modules/all-packages, if you have a package.json file setup correctly, redownloading all the packages is easy!
  • Link to a codepen sample of the demo code you wrote for code-along navigation in the tutorials.

Blogging Questions

Describe how you are using node.js for this project. What is node.js? What is the node package manager (npm)? What is the particular package you’re using for this project? How did you install it and note that it going to be required for your project moving forward? How did you setup the Sass compiler to run?

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