design2 HTML Template Presentation

You will be presenting your work for the HTML template practice project version 2. Here’s a sample presentation which models what should be covered. Please use Google slides and please make sure the link you share in accessible to everyone with the link (test this in a private browser).

When making your slides, use your website Google fonts and color palette style your presentation.

Here is an enumerated listed of slides and requirements:

  • Cover slide with the template name and your name (username)
  • Screen shots that showcase your Elements and Generic pages. Divide your screenshots across multiple slides to improve legibility. Make an effort to match scale across slides.
  • Typography and Palette slide – name and exemplify each color and font used.
  • Sass/CSS example Presentation across multiple slides choose a piece of Sass code to explain. Limit screenshots to the relevant bit of code to describe your example (look at my model for reference). Be sure to name the files where the Sass code is saved and where the CSS code is compiled.

In a blog post, include the following:

  • Link your Google slide presentation, make sure it is viewable by everyone with the link – test the link in a private browsing window to ensure no password required.
  • Describe the choice of Sass/CSS example. How did you come to choose this example? Give a written explanation of how your bit of Sass/CSS works.

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