design2 – HTML/CSS/Sass template presentation v1

With a bit of your research completed for your template proposal, it’s time to give a first draft presentation. I’d like you to take elements from your first post and fill-out any bits missing.

Create a Google Slide presentation which includes the following:

  1. Cover Slide – Your template’s name (give it one if you haven’t yet, you can always change it), Slug Text a 4-10 word description of the template’s target use.
  2. Longer description of the site’s target use and value for a target user base.
  3. A summary of the template’s features – This should enumerate the layouts, components, typefaces, and color palette.
  4. Create as many number of slides that detail each layout, component, typography, and color palette. For this first draft, these will be screen shots of pieces of researched websites. They might be a number of screenshots for a single layout / component as you are still making choices. Please include links to the sources of each screenshot.
    1. A slide for each layout
    2. A slide for each component
    3. A slide for the typography
    4. A slide for the color palette

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