design2 How CSS Works


  • Section 03, videos 011 – 021
  • Notes for Section 03
  • Exercise files to complete are based on the previous week’s natours/v1. Each week you’re going to be making a duplicate of the previous version of the project and then renumbering. This week you will work through two additional versions, so that means two additional copies. Not to worry the edits to each version are minor, but represent specific learning milestones
    • for responsive units
    • natours/v2/img/
    • natours/v2/css/style.css
    • natours/v2/index.html
    • for BEM renaming
    • natours/v3/img/
    • natours/v3/css/style.css
    • natours/v3/index.html

Blogging Questions

There are certain CSS properties applied to a parent element that are “inherited” by the child elements. Name four properties that are inherited and four properties that are not inherited. Describe why you believe each is inherited or not.

Describe the differences between inline, block, and inline-block. Why would you want to use the inline-block value? Hint you have an example use in your Natours project.

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