design2 – Final Template Project v1

It’s time to take the elements of your presentation, rework a few, and start on the template. Review the process from your generic template work from a few weeks back. This will remind you of the work you need to accomplish to setup your 7-1 architecture and various base Sass files.

I also want you to create a wireframe for your homepage layout as well as summarize your layouts and components.

Problem Set

Create the foundation for your template with all 7-1, with scss files relevant to your start. Along with your base files, you should have your homepage layout started with at least one component started/completed.

  • Files to include:
    • my-template/v1/index.html
    • my-template/v1/package.json
    • my-template/v1/css/style.css
    • my-template/v1/sass/main.scss
    • my-template/v1/sass/all-7-1-directories-and-partials
  • Wireframe for your homepage and a summary of layouts / components
    • Use an image of your drawn wireframe to label layout parts and components as part of your description.

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