design1 – Startup Site Project

This week’s tutorial / problem set is a code-a-long with a couple of additional requirements. Follow the tutorials for ADV Section 05, videos 052 – 058. You will be implementing flexbox, a reset, animations, and more. But I’d also like you to make some changes based on inventing your own start-up company. Anything you want!

You’ll need the following content, typography, colors, and assets defined:

  • Give the company a name and tagline. The name is used in both the header and the center. The tagline is in the center. Also define four “package” names.
  • Identify a set of seven images you’ll use for your site. You’ll need a heading image and six images to be used in the second set of tutorials (but good to identify them now). Use for images, but be sure to reduce the pixel dimensions and file sizes (no images larger than 1MB!)
  • Identify four icons and labels to use in the “packages” section of your site from fontawesome. You will be learning how to use this library of icons within the tutorials.

Below is my example of a reworked “urban tours” website:

site example

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