design1 – recipe v4 presentation

You will be presenting your work on the final version of the recipe. I’ve created a sample presentation that you can consider for a model. Please use Google slides and make sure that the shared link is viewable by everyone.

When making your presentation, use from your website the Google fonts from your heading and body text font to style your presentation text. Also use your site’s color palette for heading and body text.

Below is an enumerated list of slides you should include:

  1. Title slide with your Recipe name and your name/username (your choice)
  2. Screenshots of the following from your site, one per slide:
    1. Recipe title and figure image with serving size and description.
    2. Ingredients
    3. Instructions
    4. Calorie Table
    5. Youtube video / footer
  3. Palette and typography slide
    1. Heading font
    2. Body text font
    3. Primary color
    4. Secondary color
    5. Black and White if not #000000 and #ffffff
  4. HTML/CSS Code Sample of a section
    1. Screenshot of section
    2. Relavent HTML screenshot
    3. Relavent CSS screenshot

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