design1 – Last three cards

This week you will complete the CSS for the last three card designs in our project. There will a second ‘feature’ card as well as two additional ‘main’ cards. To help with the project and give your design some visual variety, you can use the card HTML and imgs I’ve uploaded. Since all the HTML right now is the same for each card, only class names that change, I’m not going to spend time writing the HTML. The process for downloading the zip and working the this HTML and the imgs is covered in the first video.

Videos to be completed:

For the Blog:

How do you get to choose whether or not each part of the card needs to have additional CSS written? For example the card-main-primary and card-feature have additional CSS to adjust card-slug, while the other three do not. Give an example from your CSS in a code block and describe how this works.

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