design1 – Intro to CSS


  • Section 05 Introduction to CSS – videos 032–042
  • The following HTML and CSS pairs will need to be completed as part of the code-along and uploaded to your server.
    • about-me.html / about-me.css
    • todo.html / todo.css
    • additional-selectors.html / additional-selectors.css
    • specificity.html / specificity.css
  • The last two videos (41 & 42) introduce and solve an exercise which requires an html and css file to work with. Right-click and download each, then use them to complete the exercise. Upload the completed versions.
    • selectors-exercise.html / selectors-exercise.css

Blogging Questions

Describe the difference between inline, internal, and external CSS. Give an example of how each works in a code snippet using the Enlighter tool. Describe the order of specificity for an element selector vs. a class selector vs. an id selector.

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