design1 – Intermediate HTML


  • Section 04 videos 020 – 031
  • Exercise files to publish to your server as HTML
    • all-intermediate.html (includes all the code-along pieces, screenshot)
    • table-pokemon.html I’m not going to give Colt’s boilerplate data for the Pokemon table. I’d rather you find names of Pokemon and direct links to images using the Bulbapedia list of Generation I Pokemon.
    • form-exercise.html

Blogging Questions

Find an example form on a website and complete the following:

  • Create a screenshot of the form and a link to the form. Include both in your post;
  • Recreate the HTML structure of your example form. Research and employ input types you think are being used other than ones presented. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, but using the Enlighter code snippet tool, add your code.
  • Describe the input types you used and describe how the browser presents user interaction with them.

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