design1 – the Ringer Project Card 1

This is the start of our end of the semester problem set for which we will be building a flexible card system modeled after the using flexbox as your primary layout tool.


  • Organize and upload your files including the following:
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox1/index.html
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox1/css/style.css
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox1/img/all-images-used-from-unsplash

Below are the first two tutorials used to create the first card. These are a little rough, but with future videos I hope to get better 😊. All videos will be showing up in the playlist which will grow through the remainder of the semester.

For the Blog

Describe the importance of the div.card becoming a flex container. How does it affect the immediate children div.card-media and div.card-body?

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