design1 – CSS animations and transitions


  • ADV Section 02, videos 004-023
  • The following HTML / CSS pairs will need to be completed and uploaded to your server:
    • pseudo-class-code-a-long.html / pseudo.css
    • pseudo-exercise.html / pseudo-exercise.css (HTML file instructions)
    • button.html / button.css
    • transform-code-a-long.html / transform.css
    • transition-code-a-long.html / transition.css
    • gallery code-a-long (sample code, compressed)
      • gallery/index.html
      • gallery/css/style.css
      • gallery/img/three-images-included

Blogging Questions

Describe the CSS property transform and its relationship to the property transition. How are these used together to create a CSS animation? Give an example in a CSS code snippet to illustrate your description.

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