design1 – Card title links & CSS comments, variables

The start of this week has you doing a bit of maintenance on your HTML/CSS. We add anchor links to the card titles using Emmet’s wrap feature in Visual Studio Code. We then complete the new CSS required for these new title links.

In the second video, we do a little reorganization of our CSS and use a number of CSS comments to label areas of our code. Also, we introduce CSS variables to help with color value management.


  • Organize and upload your files including the following:
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox3/index.html
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox3/css/style.css
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox3/img/all-images-used-from-unsplash

For the Blog

Describe your comfort level with VS Code. What features do you find yourself using regularly – auto-complete, emmet shortcuts, command palette, collapsing/expanding code snippets, etc. Give one example. Describe a feature that you noticed used or figure must exist that you’d like to learn and/or get better at using.

Flexbox Card System Full Playlist

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