design1 – Card 2 Hero Card layout

For the second tutorial of the week we’re going to be building our second card in the project layout. A couple weeks back, you completed code that creates the HTML for all cards and the CSS for the first card. If you want to use all the images I’ve used in the tutorials, they can be found in the zip of last week’s code.

You’ll be able to find all the tutorials on the playlist but the particular one for this week is below:


  • Organize and upload your files including the following:
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox2/index.html
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox2/css/style.css
    • 07-adv-css-flexbox2/img/all-images-used-from-unsplash

For the Blog

How are descending selectors being used to work with different card types card-main and card-feature-hero? Give an example in a block of code and provide some description of how it works.

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