05 Natours Project with Sass + Blogging Questions.

This has been one chaotic and unexpected ending of a semester. I dislike the fact that I had to finish my courses online, especially this one. The natours project has given me plenty of headaches but I’m glad that it’s finally over. I decided to combine all versions + blogging questions into one huge blog post, just to make things easier for myself. Below is a link to all of my work.

Directory: https://alisas.net/design2/

Blogging Questions:

There is a ton of CSS architecture covered in these three videos and how to use Sass to implement your 7-1 architecture. But hidden in there are a few bits of interesting CSS to mull:

  • :not() pseudo selector
  • calc() function
  • [] attribute selector with the ^ operator used.
  • ::after pseudo selector to write a clearfix hack

Pick two of these and described how they were used in the tutorials.

The ::after pseudo is used to add content after the elements content.

The calc () function is a feature in CSS that is an automatic calculation whenever the page loads.

Describe how the :not pseudo selector works.

The :notpsuedo selector represents elements that don’t match a list of selectors.

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