[WEEK #4] – 05 Natours Project with Sass Part 1 + Problem Sets + Blog Question

Hey everyone. This weeks work a good amount. I find it pretty interesting how you can have multiple files with different codes and just link everything in a main.scss file and everything compiles. I am still trying to find a good 7-1 architecture boilerplate so I can just use that always. The current 7-1 architecture […]

[WEEK #3] – 04 Introduction to NPM and Sass + Problem Sets + Blog Question

Howdy guys. This weeks work was not that bad. The only part I struggled in was when Jonas was using the terminal. I have a windows OS and it was hard following along to the video tutorials. I had to stop the videos and look up the different CMD inputs that he was using. I […]

[WEEK #2] – 03 How CSS Works + Problem Sets + Blog Question

Hey all. This week has been very informative. The videos were great refreshers on basic CSS material from last semester. The main issues I had was picking a BEM website. Tutorials For Responsive Units natours/v2/img/ natours/v2/css/style.css natours/v2/index.html For BEM Renaming natours/v3/img/ natours/v3/css/style.css natours/v3/index.html Problem Set – BEM Breakdown For this problem set, I chose to […]

[WEEK #1] – 02 Natours Project – Setup and First Steps + Problem Set + Blogging Question

HeLLo everyone. This week was not what I expected. I thought it would be a lot easier but it was sort of a wake up call. I haven’t done much HTML/CSS coding and it was not on top of my mind on the break. The tutorials helped but I felt the guy repeated some obvious […]