[FINAL] – Trillo Project: Videos 82 – 88 (Description, User Reviews, and Media Queries)

Hey guys. I am finally finished the Trillo Project! I felt these videos were very informative and was way better than trying to make a website on my own. The only part I wish Jonas went over was after video 88. What do we do with the two compiled CSS files? style.comp.css and style.prefix.css? Do […]

[FINAL] – Trillo Project: Videos 78–81 (Navigation and Overview)

Hola. This is just another set of work for the Trillo project. I believe that the navigation and the overview should have been different versions but other than that everything is fine. The work below will have videos 78-81 included. trillo/v3/index.html trillo/v3/package.json / trillo/v3/package-lock.json trillo/v3/css/style.css trillo/v3/img/ / trillo/v3/img/SVG/ / trillo/v3/img/sprite.svg trillo/v3/sass trillo/v3/sass/main.scss trillo/v3/sass/_base.scss trillo/v3/sass/_components.scss trillo/v3/sass/_layout.scss

[FINAL] – Trillo Project: Videos 75-77 (Building the Header)

Hi. This is just another set of work. Everything is going smoothly. The work below will have videos 75-77 included. trillo/v2/index.html trillo/v2/package.json / trillo/v2/package-lock.json trillo/v2/css/style.css trillo/v2/img/ / trillo/v2/img/SVG/ / trillo/v2/img/sprite.svg trillo/v2/sass trillo/v2/sass/main.scss trillo/v2/sass/_base.scss trillo/v2/sass/_components.scss trillo/v2/sass/_layout.scss

[FINAL] – Trillo Project: Videos 67-71 (Flexbox Review) and Videos 72-74(Project Layout)

Hello everyone. For the Final Trillo Project, I plan to wait for the professor to post the split up versions. I don’t want to do it myself and have different versions from the professor. I would much rather do it this way. For the first set of videos, CodePen was used. All the CodePen work […]

[WEEK #10] – 05 Natours Project Pure CSS Pop-up + Final Project Decision

For the final project, I will be doing the Trillo Project Code Along. I feel way more comfortable doing the code along. I also understand way better. This is the end of the Natours Project. I finished all parts. It was a great time and I enjoyed all the code along. 🙂 Hello once again […]

[WEEK #9] – 05 Natours Project Footer and Navigation

Hello all. This is week 9’s work. I really enjoyed creating the navigation part. It was a lot of videos but the project is coming to an end sadly. I really liked the design of the navigation so I will probably use it in a future project like the final project. Other than that everything […]

[WEEK #7] – 05 Natours Project with Sass Part 4

Hello friends. I have not posted my tutorials because I was sick (not corona I think). In this set of tutorials, there were a lot of interesting things that I used. My favorite part was setting up the video in the background and putting the opacity over it. It looks so good. The only thing […]

[WEEK #6] – 05 Natours Project with Sass Part 3 + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hello everyone. I posted a breif explanation of the problem set below. I don’t quite remeber these tutorials because it was about 3 weeks ago. I just never posted it. I believe it was the two sections with the cards. I really enjoyed creating these sections. I also love the fact that each tutorial is […]