design1 – Advanced CSS –Layout with Flexbox – part 1

The flex containers properties for affecting the position of flex items along the main axis and the cross axis are flex-direction and flex-wrap. Flex-direction defines which direction the container wants to stack the flex items. One values that could be used are flex-direction:row Flex-wrap specifies whether the flex items should wrap or not. One value that could be used for flex-wrap is flex-wrap:reverse. 

design1 – Card title links & CSS comments, variables

I’ve gotten comfortable using VS Code; when I first started using VS code it was challenging at first, but I quickly got the hand of it. One feature that I found myself using the most was and collapsing/expanding code snippets. I used the collapsing/expanding code snippets feature a lot when I see myself dealing with a lot of codes. 

Intro To CSS – Week 3

To insert a style sheet you can either use inline, external, or internal css. With an external css you can change the entire site with this one file, with internal css can only be used if the html page only needs a specific css, an inline CSS is used when you are styling specific elements. I wasn’t able to find the collage and the pictur of the colors I used I just pasted the link where you are able to see the code and HTML!

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A Recipe HTML

Writing about my struggle during this project seems so silly to me now, I had a rough time trying to past my video into the HTML, I remember I kept calling over Professor Smith and he told me to search it up. I later found out that to embed the video I had to use the <iframe> tag. I have linked the site below!

Intro To HTML Post – Week 1

An HTML boilerplate is important to make sure your html has a set structure, In this boilerplate you’ll be able to link different websites, pictures, and fonts. In the boilerplate we are using now it is called HTML5. If you don’t name your HTML with “index.html” it wont recognize what exactly you are trying to write.

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