design1 – Intermediate HTML

Tutorials Section 04 videos 020 – 031 Exercise files to publish to your server as HTML all-intermediate.html (includes all the code-along pieces, screenshot) table-pokemon.html I’m not going to give Colt’s boilerplate data for the Pokemon table. I’d rather you find names of Pokemon and direct links to images using the Bulbapedia list of Generation I Pokemon. […]

design1 – My Hobby/Interest HTML Problem Set

Recreate the above HTML page picking your own hobby/interest illustrating two examples. Consider he following parameters: create a main heading; included for each example; give a sub-heading; set the width of images to 300px; provide a link to a source of information for each example; create an unordered list; create two lorem-ipsum paragraphs bold face […]

design2 – Comment Box Problem Set

Create the above full page hero using only HTML, CSS and one background image. Follow the proscribed file naming and directory structure 01-comment-box/index.html 01-comment-box/img/hero.jpg 01-comment-box/css/style.css Using the proscribed methods from the Natours header tutorial, include the following in your CSS: a reset body element presets no other element selectors, follow the tutorial’s pattern for writing […]

design2 – Natours Project, Setup and First Steps

Topics Review of Visual Studio Code, tutorial Reclaim Hosting Accounts, c-Panel/File Manger Tutorial Advanced CSS and Sass with Jonas Schmedtmann Advanced CSS & Sass Tutorial Notes Organized by section and/or video Tutorials Section 01 and 02, videos 001 – 010 Download tutorial files advCSS 02 Tutorial Notes Exercise files to publish on your server, HTML/CSS natours/v1/img/all-tutorial-images natours/v1/css/style.css natours/v1/index.html Problem […]

design1 – Introduction to HTML

Topics Introducing Visual Studio Code, tutorial Reclaim Hosting Accounts, c-Panel/File Manger Tutorial The Web Development Boot Camp with Colt Steele Tutorials Section 03, videos 008 – 019 design1 03 tutorial notes (to come) Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML my-first-page.html page2.html lists-alignment.html recreate-page.html Problem Set Files for the Intro to HTML: my-hobby.html Blog Questions Describe the […]